Since 2006, we have been hard at work in the Treasure Valley

A small family owned tree service that values its employees and high quality tree care. Practiced in the art of tree climbing, we prune all trees spur-less, avoiding unsightly damage and optimizing the health and sustainability of your trees. Should the need arise, we offer tree and stump removals, making way for new landscaping.

Trees add beauty and character to yards, reduce cooling costs in summer, and add to the resale prices of properties.  Applying modern standards and techniques, our team of certified arborists and experienced climbers offers affordable care and consultation to help customers train and maintain their trees for long term health and enjoyment. 


Hard to say without seeing it in person! It can vary depending on the tree size, location, species, and health. But rest assured you will know the final cost of any work before we start! Call us for an estimate today! (208) 371-9010

As with pruning, it’s difficult to know without seeing the tree in person, and pricing will depend on tree size, location, species, and health. We offer free estimates and all customers will will know the final cost of any work before we start! Call us for quote today! (208) 371-9010

We are a company of climbers and can access all parts of your tree with ropes and some creativity! We do not use lifts or boom trucks. If it’s a removal, we may use a small skid steer for the larger wood or our grinder if you request this service!

Of course! We will gladly cut wood to firewood length upon request. As long as we have clean chips (i.e. not full of brush and logs) we will gladly deposit anywhere our trucks can dump!

Yes! We hold a $2 million general liability policy and all employees are covered under our worker’s compensation policy.

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