Tanager Tree Service

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Darin Turner


ISA Certified Arborist



    We’re a small tree service, focused on building a solid reputation in the greater Boise area by giving folks high quality tree care at affordable prices.  Trees add beauty and character to yards, reduce cooling costs in summer and add to the resale prices of properties.  Applying modern standards and techniques, we help customers train and maintain their trees for long term health and enjoyment.  Should the need arise, we can remove trees and tree stumps as well, making way for new landscaping. 

    Practiced in the art of tree climbing, we do not need to tear down fences, garages and the like to gain access to your trees.  We prune all our trees spurless, avoiding unsightly damage to the trunk of the tree. 

Licensed and fully insured, we provide the following services:

Tree Pruning/Removal

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Fruit Tree Pruning

Shrub Pruning/Removal

Stump Grinding

Arborist Consultation




Tree Trimming for the Health, Beauty and Safety of Your Trees